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2022-2023 Catalog and Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Catalog and Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Transfer Programs

ESCC Transfer Programs

Transferring from Eastern Shore Community College to a four-year college or university is a popular path to a bachelor’s degree. ESCC’s transfer programs allow you to build a solid academic foundation and save on the cost of college. ESCC offers five Associate of Arts & Sciences transfer programs and one certificate in General Education. 

Business Administration, AA&S  

General Studies, AA&S  

Liberal Arts, AA&S  

Liberal Arts, Education Specialization: Teacher Preparation (PreK-8), AA&S  

Science, AA&S  

Uniform Certificate of General Studies, Certificate  

Guaranteed Admissions Agreements

Eastern Shore Community College works with baccalaureate degree granting institutions to develop agreements to assist ESCC students in their transfer. The VCCS also negotiates Guaranteed Admission Agreements (GAA) with four-year institutions. These agreements guarantee admission to qualified students enrolled in any community college in the VCCS.

GAAs apply only to graduates of the degrees designated in the agreements. Students interested in transferring to a four-year institution prior to completing associate degrees must apply through the transfer institution’s competitive admissions process, and transferability of course work will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

To review these agreements, visit VCCS’s website at https://www.vccs.edu/transfer-programs/#statewide-transfer-agreements and these FAQs: https://www.vccs.edu/transfer-programs/#faqs. Additionally, students are advised to consult frequently with advisors or counselors for the most accurate information on transfer.

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Two-Year College Transfer Grant (CTG)

Qualified students who complete their associate degrees at Virginia two-year public colleges and then transfer to participating Virginia four-year colleges or universities may receive the CTG award.

For more information, go to https://www.vccs.edu/transfer-programs/#transfer-grants or the Financial Aid office at your intended four-year transfer institution which you can access from the Transfer Virginia portal: https://www.transfervirginia.org/.

Additional information is available from the Virginia Education Wizard at https://www.vawizard.org/wizard/transfer-planning-tool.

Virginia Passport Transfer Courses

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has coordinated an agreement between Virginia’s Community Colleges and all public four-year colleges and universities in Virginia to guarantee the transfer of 15-16 credits of general education course.

Passport courses satisfy some general education requirements at all public colleges and universities in Virginia, with few exceptions as noted. Students planning to transfer to a public four-year college or university in Virginia should select courses from this list, in addition to consulting with academic advisors at ESCC.

Approved Passport Course Roster

(October 3, 2019)

Select one course from each area of study.

1) Written Communication

ENG 111 - College Composition I

2) Humanities and Fine Arts OR History

ART 101 - History and Appreciation of Art I

ART 102 - History and Appreciation of Art II

ART 201 - History of Art I

ART 202 - History of Art II

HIS 111 - History of World Civilization I

HIS 112 - History of World Civilization II

HIS 121 - United States History I

HIS 122 - United States History II

3) Social and Behavioral Sciences

ECO 201 - Principles of Macroeconomics

PLS 135 - American National Politics

PLS 211 - U.S. Government I

PSY 200 - Principles of Psychology

SOC 211 - Principles of Anthropology I

4) Natural Sciences

BIO 101 - General Biology I

CHM 101 - Introductory Chemistry I

CHM 111 - General Chemistry I

5) Mathematics

A. Quantitative/Statistics Pathway:

MTH 154 - Quantitative Reasoning

MTH 155 - Statistical Reasoning

B. Calculus Pathway:

MTH 161/162 - PreCalculus I/ PreCalculus II

MTH 167 - PreCalculus with Trigonometry

MTH 245 - Statistics I

MTH 261 - Applied Calculus I

MTH 263/264 - Calculus I/Calculus II


MTH 161/162 and 167 should only be taken by students preparing for calculus or for four-year degree programs that require study in College Algebra/PreCalculus. In these cases, Precalculus may not satisfy general education requirements, and students may not receive transfer credit for the courses.

JMU does not accept ENG 111 toward satisfaction of general education requirements.

CNU does not accept MTH 154 toward satisfaction of general education requirements.

W&M does not have a college-wide general education composition requirement. ENG 111 will not count toward satisfaction of general education requirements but students will receive generalized credit for the course.